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The need for specialists in cosmetics and health and beauty care is increasing in Poland. The cosmetic market is one of the more dynamically developing in Poland and in the world. There is a growing demand for professional cosmetic services, often complicated treatments. The response to this demand is the growing number of beauty salons, wellness salons and aesthetic medicine centers. .

The procedures performed nowadays are characterized by a much greater degree of difficulty than before. In addition to the popular treatments in the offer of most of the cabinets there are specialized treatments, requiring the expertise of certified diplomas and skills of a well-prepared, competent cosmetologist. In order to be among the elite in the cosmetics services market, it is necessary to obtain a good education successively supplemented by courses and training. Professionals who care about the beauty and health of others must now have thorough medical knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology, biology, dermatology and civilization diseases. Such knowledge can only be ensured by studies in the direction of cosmetology at Dietla.


Cosmetologist workshops

Didic classes are held at the university headquarters at UL. Legnicka 5​ w Krakowie. Lectures and seminars are equipped with modern educational AIDS: Multimedia projectors with computer, projectors, plasma TV, sound system.

Cosmetologists have been prepared in such a way that students can work in real conditions, in which they start work after graduation-our studios are professional beauty salons arranged and equipped with furniture, equipment and Apparatus for beauty salons.
The computer rooms are equipped with the most modern equipment with Internet access and professional computer software.


Modern Cosmetology in aesthetic medicine

The development of aesthetic medicine creates new opportunities, and at the same time challenges for Cosmetology. Speciality: Modern cosmetology in aesthetic medicine meets these needs. We provide students with knowledge and practical skills in the field of professional selection and execution of cosmetic treatments with the use of modern equipment and the latest methods of body modelling and skin regeneration. We take into account the dynamically developing skin care methods altered by the disease and anti-aging treatments.

Learning outcomes include fe The knowledge and skills necessary to perform treatments for the reduction of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and cellulite, biostimulation and regeneration of the skin, including problematic skin, the use of Cosmeceuticals, as well as the exercise of medical makeup and Permanent. Students will learn both the necessary theoretical basis in the subsequent work, but above all acquire practical skills in the field of modern treatments used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, fe such as photodynamic therapy, lasers, IPL, cryoolipolisis, Ultrasound, carboxytherapy, Mesotherapy, Microneedle mesotherapy (Dermapen, roller), needle mesotherapy, oxygen therapy, scrubs, Diamond Microdermabrasion and Oxybrazja, Cavitation peeling and radio frequency.

Thanks to the holistic, so comprehensive understanding of modern cosmetology, our training program also covers the issues of dietetics in cosmetology and cleansing the body of toxins, detoxicants, nutricosmetics, as well as massage Specialized.


Speciality dedicated to those wishing to engage in cosmetology in medical terms, in cooperation with medical doctor, as well as aesthetic cosmetology preparing for the independent exercise of cosmetic cosmetology Aesthetic appearance of the face and body. The graduate will acquire knowledge and skills in the field of modern cosmetic and therapeutic treatments in facial and body care. Speciality is also dedicated to people who professionally want to take care of the cosmetology and leg care, as well as treatments aimed at preventing the formation of lesions within the feet, the treatment of treatments in Case of an already existing ailment.

Cosmetology in Dietl

Studies in the direction of cosmetology at Dietla are:

– New Cosmetology Studios, perfectly equipped with world-class apparatus and professional cosmetics of the highest quality.

– Speciality focused on a dynamically developing cosmetology market, tailored to the current situation in the labour market. This allows our graduates to quickly and easily find good work.

– The practical nature of studies – cosmetology work from the first semester in the study program.

– The opportunity to gain professional experience already during the study – the university opens specially for its students a beauty salon.

– Cooperation with the best companies on the market.

– Apprenticeships in the best resorts – domestic and foreign.

– Technical and practical support of the best specialists in the field of cosmetology – practitioners operating for years in the market of cosmetology services.

  • Training in the field of negotiation techniques, savoir vivre, interpersonal communication, client work for all students under the curriculum.
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Specjalność- kosmetologia medyczna z elementami podologii

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Kierunek: Kosmetologia – studia II stopnia

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