Polish language course

Intensive one-year Polish language course

For whom?

The course is dedicated to foreigners who plan to come to Poland permanently and will use the Polish language for their daily purposes.


Students will learn vocabulary, phrases, grammar rules and correct pronunciation, which will enable them to communicate fluently in Polish, both in writing and oral form.

How it works?

The course lasts two semesters, covers 450 hours – classes last 3 lesson hours (45 minutes) 5 days  a week.

How much it costs?

The course fee is 1500 Euro per year (450 hours of classes).

Additional information

For the course qualify persons over 18 years of age andhaving a residence permit for the duration of the course.

In order to take part in the course, one must complete
and send the registration form for the course to the School and pay the registration fee of 50 euros and the tuition. The registration fee is non-refundable. 

The minimum group size necessary to start the course is a minimum of 5 students. If more people come from a specific institution, it is possible to prepare a dedicated language course.


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Telefon: +48 888 019 624

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