Why is it worth

studying in Poland?

There are more than 1.1 million students studying in Poland, at almost 400 universities.

What is even more impressive most of the programmes are offered in both Polish and English Language, on top of that, there are hundreds of languages that are taught here. 
Some of the other reasons why its worth studying in Poland are as follows:
  • Rich educational offer – a large selection of full-time and extramural studies, courses and training
  • A very high level of studies with interesting faculties and specializations that provide many opportunities for professional development
  • Location – Poland is located in the center of Europe, you can easily get to the surrounding countries of Eastern Europe in your free time
  • Affordable – Studies are cheaper than in most European countries
  • Lots of international student providing a great cultural mix
  • After hours you can’t get bored thanks to numerous cultural initiatives and the nightlife
  • Safe and secure country
  • Great career opportunities