The postgraduate studies at DIETLA are prepared for people who want to raise their qualifications and those who want to get a new, attractive profession. The university ensures that, in addition to a large dose of theory, programs contain a lot of practical activities, workshops and exercises. This allows listeners to acquire specific skills that they can use in their daily work. Lecturers are academics of the University of Dietl and partner universities and practitioners who work on the topics of study in their daily routine. Such staff guarantees the launch of professional, knowledge-based postgraduate studies that are tailored to the needs of the labour market. The prerequisite for graduation is the completion of individual subjects and the writing and defense of thesis. Not only are the listeners judged, they judge the lecturers themselves by completing the evaluation surveys.3 Such a system ensures the maintenance of a high level and constant commitment from the guiding Parties. The university is constantly expanding its offer of postgraduate studies. The form of classes in addition to the standard lectures covers a considerable portion of workshops and practical exercises.