Graduate success stories

We proudly present our graduates who, thanks to the acquired knowledge at Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow operate in the industry of:

The founder of “DepiLove” is mgr Małgorzata Starzec – a cosmetologist by profession. She defended her master’s degree in cosmetology at Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow on a part-time studies.

Thanks to this, she was able to practice cosmetology in a reputable salon in Krakow. Advice and constant contact with the lecturerswho taught Mrs Małgorzata meant that she was not afraid to start practicing her profession. Studies with an emphasis on practical knowledge allowed her to open her own beauty salon.

Thanks to this, Małgorzata has been in the industry for several years and everything indicates that she is going to develop further. New treatments are introduced to the practice on an ongoing basis and investment in the latest cosmetic equipment is being implemented. All this in an excellent salon praised by clients and operating in the very center of Tarnów.

I am a graduate of Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow. I completed bachelor’s studies in dietetics in 2015 defending a thesis on the subject of factors affecting the body composition of physically active people.

I was using my passion which is dietitian and sport practically during competing in bodybuilding. In the second year of my studies, I took part at the Polish University Championships, obtaining the title of Polish Vice Champion in the category up to 75 kilograms.

Thanks to the theoretical knowledge I obtained at the School, where the classes were conducted by experienced scientists in medicine, dietetics and other health sciences, I was able to learn and use various nutritional methods, obtaining better and better results in body shaping. The School motivated me to continue working through promotion and scholarships.

The combination of education and interests gave me the opportunity to develop professionally as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Initially, I was an instructor at the gym and gave nutrition advice. Currently, I am still studying PhD at the Krakow University of Physical Education, studying obesity. In addition, I run my practice as a dietitian in a private office and I am a co-owner of a fitness club in Krakow. I pass the acquired knowledge on courses and trainings for people who want to work as trainers and nutritionists.

I recommend Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow, where studies not only give education, but help develop passion.

Although we finished our studies a few years ago, the knowledge and information we have gained at this School still help us work with patients in our office.

Not having the opportunity to study in full-time system, we choosed the extramural mode specializing in dietotherapyso that within 3 years we got to know the dietetics very well from the clinical side – which we really wanted.

Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow is a university thanks to which we can work in a profession that is our passion.

A graduate of Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow.

Graduate of the second degree studies in medical cosmetology and service management. Licensed trainer of permanent makeup, eyebrow and eyelash styling.

Speaker at the LNE fair.

Author of several articles in trade magazines. Autorka kilku artykułów w magazynach branżowych.

National champion in eyebrow styling 2019/2020.

NikkMole and InLei certified trainer.

Founder of MONART – a place created for wonderful women who value great quality and best beauty treatments.

PMUArtist for 5 years, passionate about permanent makeup.