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The need for specialistsin the field of cosmetology and health and beauty care is getting bigger. The cosmetics market is one of the most dynamically developing in Poland and in the world. The response to this demand is the growing number of beauty salons, wellness salons and aesthetic medicine centers. . The procedures performed nowadays are characterized by a much greater degree of difficulty than before.

In addition to popular treatments, most clinics also offer specialized procedures that require professional skills and knowledge certified by a competent cosmetologist. In order to be among the elite in the cosmetics services market, it is necessary to obtain a good education successively supplemented by courses and training. Professionals who care about the beauty and health of others must now have thorough medical knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology, biology, dermatology and civilization diseases. Such knowledge can be guaranteed by cosmetology studies at the Dietl School conducted by practitioners’ lecturers.