Józef Dietl College has been on the market of educational services for over 15 years.
Is a modern private university offering education at the level of first-cycle studies – undergraduate, second-cycle – master’s and post-graduate studies.
This is the university that was the first in Krakow (among non-public universities) to start education in the fields of dietetics and cosmetology – first degree studies (bachelor’s degree) as well as second degree studies (master’s degree).
Excellent scientific and didactic staff as well as highly qualified practitioners are a guarantee of a good preparation of graduates entering the labor market in a changing reality.

What we offer

  • attractive majors and specialties are the answer to the challenges of the dynamically developing labor market. Thanks to this, our graduates quickly and easily find a good job,
  • as the only university in Krakow we conduct practical exercises in the field of Cosmetology from the first year of study, which allows you to obtain professional and practical knowledge from the very beginning of education
  • classes conducted by excellent scientific and didactic staff and highly qualified practitioners,
  • studies are practical; the possibility of undergoing practical classes, internships and apprenticeships in attractive partner companies,
  • the university is equipped with modern equipment for performing cosmetology practice, being constantly up to date in the trends of the cosmetology market, thus providing the latest learning equipment,
  • favorable building conditions; modern, very well-equipped lecture halls, a workshop and laboratories,
  • for cosmetology students the opportunity to gain experience and skills in partner beauty salons,
  • dietitian students take part in specialist practical classes organized also outside the university; in hospitals, sanatoriums and food processing plants,
  • from the first year of teaching dietetics, students have access to equipment used in the diet room - e.g. body composition analyzer,
  • unlimited access to computers and the Internet,
  • The university has a library in which there are all books and materials related to the majors studies,
  • the friendly atmosphere in the Student Service Office and the smile of the women working there make all stereotypes about the dean's office unnecessary,
  • the basis of teaching is individualization - every student can feel free in all matters related to the studies faculty - student affairs take place from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 15.00, and also on Saturday during weekend reunions,
  • each floor of the university is equipped with a kitchenette, along with basic catering and a microwave,
  • The university has a modern and very well-equipped make-up room, where cosmetology is practiced at the highest level.

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