with elements of neurobiology

Duration of study

2 Semesters/240 hours

Classes are held in a non-stationary system in the form of Saturday-Sunday exits (every 2, 3 weeks)

The studies are addressed to:

People particularly interested in the aspects of Psychodiethetics in cooperation with the patient, and in particular: nutritionists, food technologists, psychologists, doctors and nurses, teachers and educators

Main purpose of the study:

The aim of the study is to convey the most modern knowledge about the psychological and neurobiological determinants of human nutrition disorders. The listeners also learn the theoretical and practical aspects of the psychological support of patients wishing to change their eating habits


The study program "Psychodietetyka with elements of neurobiology" will include issues involving Nutritionist and nutritional education, psychological determinations of eating disorders and abnormal eating habits, Neurobiological aspects of human food behavior, practical aspects of eating disorder therapy, elements of Diet coaching, as well as the impact of psychoactive substances on human psyches. The programme will also include elements of the importance and practical use of physical activity as a supportive factor for the patient.

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The classes are taught by academic teachers and cosmetologists and physicians with many years of professional experience in the form of interdisciplinary lectures, practical activities and specialised trainings. The resulting education will allow graduates to significantly improve their professional skills, to deepening their cosmetology and medical knowledge, and to acquire the specialised knowledge and skills necessary for the operation of devices using Modern technologies in aesthetic cosmetology. Graduates will be prepared to cooperate with the aesthetic medicine physician, dermatologist and physiotherapist.

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