Polish language course

Intensive Polish language course

The course is dedicated to foreigners from Ukraine who plan to come to Poland on a permanent basis and will use the Polish language every day.


Students will learn vocabulary, phrases, grammar rules and correct pronunciation, which will enable them to communicate fluently in Polish, both in writing and oral form.

The course will be conducted by Aleksandra Batko – a teacher, the originator of the Pokochać Polski project, who specializes in teaching Polish among Slavic groups.

About course

Classes will be conducted on a dedicated e-learning platform. Students will be in online contact with the teacher, in addition, the platform will include materials supplementing regular classes: additional grammar exercises, interesting texts and videos for self-study.

The course lasts six months – the planned start is the first half of March 2021, the end of September 2021.
Covers 400 hours – classes last 4 lessons (45 minutes) 5 days a week.
The course fee is 750 euros (400 hours of classes).

Aleksandra Batko

Polish philologist, modern philologist, teacher of Polish as a foreign language and speech therapist. She gained her practical skills and professional experience already during her studies. For several years, she has been fascinated by neurodidactics; active teacher, working mainly with Slavic groups at various levels of advancement.

She is interested in speech therapy problems in bilingual people and learning Polish as a foreign / second language.

Privately, an enthusiast of distant travels and animals, the owner of an unruly Jack Russel Terrier named Joker.


The course is organized by Dietl Education Center under the patronage of Małopolska Wyższa Szkoła im. of Dietl University. To take part in the course, it is enough to register by e-mail or by phone and after contacting Dietl Education Center, pay the registration fee of EUR 50 (the registration fee is not refundable).

Due to the extension of the restrictions, the course will be held in the form of classesonline. If the situation allows for classroom activities, they will take place in the building of Małopolska Wyższa Szkoła im. of Dietl University. The university is located at Legnicka St. 5, entrance from Szafirowa St.

Payment for the course is due upon confirmation of the start of the language course. Tuition fees can be divided into installments, please contact Dietl Education Center directly.

The minimum group size necessary to start the course is a minimum of 5 students. If more people come from a specific institution, it is possible to prepare a dedicated language course.

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