Modern Cosmetology

in aesthetic medicine

Duration of study

2 Semesters/240 hours

Classes are held in a non-stationary system in the form of Saturday-Sunday exits (every 2, 3 weeks)

The studies are addressed to:

  • Higher education graduates: Cosmetology, Physiotherapy, nursing, public health, health promotion,
  • Graduates from other fields of medical, paramedical, chemical and biological studies
  • Graduates of other faculties of higher education I and II of the degree of technical cosmetic

Main purpose of the study:

The main aim of the study is to provide participants with extensive knowledge of modern cosmetology treatments used in skin care and anti-aging prophylaxis, and used in the fight against stretch marks, cellulite, excess Fat. Knowledge of legal aspects and fundamentals of management in cosmetic services is also an asset of study.

Study Program

It will allow a holistic approach to skin care through the use of knowledge in the field of cosmetology, dermatology and physical therapy.

Study programme

  • The latest methods of body modelling (cryoolipolisis, ultrasound, lipolytic preparations). Combined techniques.
  • An alternative to the scalpel – cosmetic plasma in reducing wrinkles, scars and skin areas affected by aesthetic problems.
  • Invasive treatments used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine (carboxytherapy, Mesotherapy without needle, mesotherapy with Dermapena, Microneedle Mesotherapy using a roller, needle mesotherapy, oxygen therapy, scrubs, Microdermabrasion).
  • Biostimulation and regeneration of the skin (hyaluronic acid)
  • Methods of exfoliation of the epidermal (scrubs, ultrasound, fruit acids)
  • Techniques of medical and permanent makeup.
  • Medical and cosmetic aspects of light use: Lasers, IPL, photodynamic therapy.
  • A modern method of reducing wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and cellulite – dynamic slicing in cosmetology
  • You will benefit from nutricosmetics and diets in aesthetic medicine.
  • The basics of the use of spaceutists in skin care.
  • The rules of skin care "problematic": acne scars, capillaries, seborrical skin, dry, sensitive.
  • The basics of anti-ageing cosmetology.
  • Bioengineering of the skin.
  • Basics of Subology: treatment and care techniques.
  • Psychosocial aspects of aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology.

Conditions for completion:

  • Participation in the classroom
  • Obtaining positive assessments from the final exam and the individual credits of the subjects
  • The required fee for the study


  • Certificate of completion of postgraduate studies modern cosmetology in aesthetic medicine
  • Rating on certificate – Average rating: From the credits earned in the course of the study and the final exam.

The classes are taught by academic teachers and cosmetologists and physicians with many years of professional experience in the form of interdisciplinary lectures, practical activities and specialised trainings. The resulting education will allow graduates to significantly improve their professional skills, to deepening their cosmetology and medical knowledge, and to acquire the specialised knowledge and skills necessary for the operation of devices using Modern technologies in aesthetic cosmetology. Graduates will be prepared to cooperate with the aesthetic medicine physician, dermatologist and physiotherapist.

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