Practice makes perfect! During studies our students do an internship in cosmetology and diet clinics. Adepts can see what their future work will look like on backstage – how to best deal with patients, what devices or systems they will use on a daily basis, learn more about running their own business.

The specialists we work with have the additional opportunity to share their experience during classes and dedicated trainings, they can take part in the open days of universities and advertise their business, and after the end of the academic year, they can host the most talented graduates.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us!

Applications can be sent to the e-mail address or by phone 888 019 624.

mgr Piotr Pobłocki

FitWorkshop dietetic office has been in the industry for several years. It solves problems in every field of dietetics – from pediatric, through clinical, sports, to psychodietetics. Mgr Piotr Pobłocki, a clinical dietitian and psychodietician by profession, passionate in sports dietetics, founder of the cabinet and lecturer, among others, of Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow provides students with the necessary knowledge in the field of cabinet practice and dietary practice. Not only that – he adopts the internships necessary to maintain the correct teaching of future dietitians. The location of the office in the very center of Katowice is a hit when it comes to access from the surrounding area.

mgr Małgorzata Starzec

The founder of “DepiLove” is mgr Małgorzata Starzec – a cosmetologist by profession. She defended her master’s degree in cosmetology at Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow on a part-time studies. Thanks to this, she was able to practice cosmetology in a reputable salon in Krakow. Advice and constant contact with the lecturers who taught Mrs. Małgorzata meant that she was not afraid to start practicing her profession. Studies with an emphasis on practical knowledge allowed her to open her own beauty salon. Thanks to this, Małgorzata has been in the industry for several years and everything indicates that she is going to develop further. New treatments are introduced to the practice on an ongoing basis and investment in the latest cosmetic equipment is being implemented. All this in an excellent office praised by clients and operating in the very center of Tarnów. This is a place for fans of smooth body. The office’s specialty is diode laser hair removal – effective and durable, which can meet the highest requirements.

mgr Joanna Mosio

The owner of the beauty salon – Imperium Urody in Krakow. Joanna opened this place for everyone who wants look healthy and beautiful.

She is master of cosmetology by profession. Shes purpose is not only caring for beauty, but also an individual approach to cosmetic problems. The priority of her work is the highest quality of services, professionalism and experience she has gained over the past few years. She took part in numerous trainings, including permanent makeup, so she obtained the title of linergist.

She cooperates with Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow as a trainer and therefore offers shes support to cosmetology students.

She has been associated with the Dr Irena Eris brand for 4 years, specializing in facial therapies, needle mesotherapy, permanent makeup, depilation and nail stylization.

Cosmetology has become her passion, therefore she gladly shares it with others.

mgr Monika Frandofert

National champion in eyebrow styling 2019/2020.

NikkMole and InLei certified trainer.

Speaker at the LNE fair.

PMUArtist for 5 years, passionate about permanent makeup.

Author of several articles in trade magazines. Autorka kilku artykułów w magazynach branżowych.

Founder of MONART – a place created for wonderful women who value great quality and best beauty treatments.

Thanks to her knowledge and extensive experience, she helps our students take their first steps in the world of cosmetology.

A graduate of Jozef Dietl Malopolska University in Cracow. Graduate of the second degree studies in medical cosmetology and service management. Licensed trainer of permanent makeup, eyebrow and eyelash styling.

Cosmetology has become her passion, therefore she gladly shares it with others.